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A Taste of Chocolate
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Format: DVD
Length: 20.00 Minutes
Grade Level: 6-12+
Closed Captioned
Price: $15.00
Jimmy Lai was born in Communist China. When he was just nine years old he went to work carrying luggage in the Guangzhou train station. A customer offered him a bar of chocolate and the first bite changed his life. "Where you from?" Jimmy asked; "Hong Kong," said the traveler, and from that moment on, Jimmy knew he had to get to Hong Kong. The story of Jimmy Lai's escape and what it cost him to become one of Hong Kong's richest men is told in his own words in A Taste of Chocolate.

A Taste of Chocolate covers numerous educational standards across several subject areas including ELL, Language Arts, Media/Technology, and Social Studies for Grades 6-12. To find which standards it covers specific to your grade, subject area, and which standards your district is using, use our Standards Alignment tool.
Subject Areas:
Business / Family & Consumer Science
World History / Geography
Chinese History and Culture
Hong Kong
izzit.org Resources For This Program:
Table of Contents (also included in DVD)
Teacher's Guide (also included on DVD)
Other Resources:
Original Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $7.50
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